Beautycon Packing List

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I am so excited for Beautycon LA you have no idea. I purchased the Social Package so I’ll be at the convention both days (and I’ll get to meet acaciacutie… EEEEE!!!!)

While I’m preparing myself for the best weekend EVER, I thought I’d share my Beautycon packing list for anyone else who’s going to be there! (Also, if you’re going hmu in the comments so we can hang out!)Beautycon packing list outfit

  1. Clothes I’m actually comfortable in.

    SoCal is HOT right now, so I’m packing shorts and a flowy tank top to keep me cool and breezy. Plus, let’s be honest, I’ll probably hit up those sundae and candy bars more than once and I’m gonna need an outfit that’s going to let me breathe.

  2. A portable battery charger

    It would SUCK BUTT if I missed an amazing photo op or couldn’t get free product from a stand because I couldn’t complete a social media challenge. I’m also going to bring a wall plug just in case!

  3. A watch

    If the unthinkable happened and despite my best efforts, my phone died during the convention, I would want to make sure I could still get to all my panels and meetups at the right time! Bonus: it’s cute and helps add something to my comfy (but basic) outfit!Beautycon Packing List Shoe

  4. My glasses

    There are a few creators who are going to be at the event that are doing panels but not meetups- I will only have so many chances in life to be in the same room as Ingrid Nilsen and I don’t want to waste one of them by forgetting my glasses and squinting at the blurry blog that I think might be her. Same goes for tutorials! It’s hard to learn when you can’t see.

  5. Tennis shoes

    Following in the vein of all things comfy, my trusty burgundy Vans will be carrying me through the weekend. As much as I wish I could wear one of my adorable pairs of heels, it’s not worth a) being uncomfortable all weekend and b) being slowed down.

  6. A backpack

    I’m SUPER stoked to get the Beautycon Totebag, but with everything I’m going to need to carry around, I definitely need something with a zipper and straps. Beautycon Packing List Makeup

  7. My 1 L Camelbak

    I am obsessed with this water bottle. I covered it in Glossier and Brandy Melville stickers and it goes EVERYWHERE with me. Drinking two of these a day puts me slightly over my recommended daily water intake and I want to stay hydrated at the convention! Who wants to stop to buy an overpriced water bottle or have gross chapped lips from being dehydrated? Not me!

  8. Concealer and eyeliner

    For touch-ups on the go. There may very well be tears at some point (whether from laughing or from being overwhelmed at meeting some of my fave creators) and I want to be prepared.

  9. Letters to my favorite creators

    I’m writing letters and doing little sketched to give to some of my favorite Youtubers at their meetups! It’s a cool way to relieve the anxiety of saying exactly the right thing to someone you spend hours and hours watching. It also give you something to say to them in the few seconds before/after you take your picture.

I hope this Beautycon packing list helped in in your preparation for this weekend! Don’t forget to let me know if you’re going to the convention in the comments below!


  1. Ive never been to any of these beauty conferences but I need to make it to one. The notes to your fave creators is def a cute touch!

    • Thanks! They really came in handy when I was all star-struck and couldn’t put my thoughts together haha!

  2. Caaaaan you also pack me!? I wanna go! But yes, concealer is always on my packing list, along with comfy clothes!!

    • Some of the girls there were wearing like 6-inch heels and they looked so miserable by the end of the day!

  3. it’s time I got a portable battery charger. Have fun!

    • It was a blast! Thank you!

    • Thanks girl! Love your blog!

    • Thanks! They’re from Warby Parker!


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