How to: Decorating for Christmas on a Budget

The holidays are my favorite time of the year, hands-down: fairy lights everywhere, giving and getting presents, and ALL the hot chocolate- what’s not to love? But decorating for Christmas on a budget can be challenging, especially when you’re tight on space! Follow these six hacks to deck the halls like a pro while saving some serious gift-giving money!

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Tip 1) Get Crafty

Decorating for Christmas on a Budget- Dollar Tree Christmas Decor DIYs

If you haven’t seen my Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decorations video, stop reading this post and go watch it before continuing on to the other 5 tips! It is AMAZING what you can do with $25 and a little hot glue. I made SIX different Christmas decorations (8 if you count the three luminaries as separate projects) and had a BLAST doing it. There’s nothing like crafting with some good old fashioned jingle bells and tinsel to get you in the holiday spirit! Even just making these few decorates and spreading them throughout the house can add some major cheer.

Tip 2) Use Cushion Covers

Decorating for Christmas on a Budget- Christmas Cushion Cover

Places like H&M, Ikea, and even Amazon have some ADORABLE Christmas cushion covers. Not only do these covers cost less than you would pay for a whole throw pillow, they’re super easy to store! I have three rotating sets of covers (Spring/Summer, Autumn, and Christmas) that I change out with the seasons. It’s worth investing just a little bit on the pillow inserts if you like to change up your pillows with the seasons. I love this set of four covers (which is under $20!) for this time of year. When I start to decorate for the next holiday, I just slip them off the pillows, fold them up, and stick them in a closet! Easy peasy!

Tip 3) Use a 2 Foot Artificial Tree in the Bedroom

Decorating for Christmas on a Budget- 2-foot pre-lit tree

Okay, hear me out. I got  2 foot pre-lit tree similar to this one for about $20. I found some beads and ribbon that I had lying around my apartment, and spent $6 at Target for two packs of ornaments for it. Just adding this ONE little touch to our guest bedroom made the whole space feel like Christmas. We didn’t even feel the need to add any other decorations! Plugging it in in the evening bathes the whole room in a candle-lit glow and makes everything feel oh-so-cosy! Plus, the tree is so compact with its branches folded up that it’s really easy to store. This would be PERFECT for a dorm room!

Tip 4) A Christmas Scent is Essential

Decorating for Christmas on a Budget- Christmas Candle

If you do nothing else from this article, DO THIS. When decorating for Christmas on a budget, I find the most effective way to make my whole space feel festive is to light a Christmas candle from Bath and Body Works. My favorites are Fresh Balsam, ‘Tis the Season, and Spiced Gingerbread. This year, I went a little OTT and bought a wallflower as well! When you, or your guests, enter your space and immediately smell pine and cinnamon, it’s impossible not to feel the Christmas Spirit. I know it sounds hokey, but TRUST ME. BUY THE CANDLE. (But only do it when they’re on sale- the $12.50 candle sale and a $10 off $30 coupon is the best deal)

Tip 5) Have a Festive Focal Point

Decorating for Christmas on a Budget- Festive Bar Cart

During Christmas time, our bar cart comes out of its usual place in the corner to make room for the tree. This creates the perfect opportunity for me to inject some Christmas cheer into the entrance of our apartment. Adding a candle, some candy-cane striped straws, and an advent calendar to its normal array of supplies was an easy and inexpensive way to create a holiday hub in our space. It sets the tone for the rest of our living room and is a great conversation starter, since guests use it whenever they get a drink. You could also do this on an end table or coffee table if you’re not 21 yet!

Tip 6) The Target Dollar Section

Decorating for Christmas on a Budget- Target Dollar Section

I’m not joking. Yes, you may have to dig around for a little bit, but you can find some ADORABLE (and dare I say pretty high-quality for their price) decorations for Christmas here! This year they have some gorgeous bottle-brush trees, cute little wooden Santas, and two different kinds of ceramic tealight holders shaped like houses that I went nuts over! At only $3 a pop, I consider that a win!

And there you have it! The most important thing to remember when decorating for Christmas is that it’s the spirit the counts- not how much money you spend. Even $3 on one little decoration that makes you smile when you see it is plenty as long as it gets you in the Christmas spirit! How are you decorating your space for Christmas? Let me know in the comments down below!

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