How I get FREE MAKEUP and lifestyle products without a big social following!

Yes, you read that right. You, too, can get absolutely free makeup, skincare, and hair care products without having thousands of followers! No “discount codes” that make you pay for the majority of the product, or “just pay ($20) shipping” gimmicks, I promise. I’ve gotten over $200 of legitimate, full-size, brand-name products over the last few months by using the simple method I detail below.

1. Download the Influenster App

First, download the Influenster app. Influenster is an incredible company that provides free products to users in exchange for honest, unbiased reviews. Create a profile and connect as many social accounts as you can! Adding these accounts will boost you “impact score,” which makes it more likely for you to get a Voxbox (this is what has the free stuff!) It doesn’t really matter how many followers you have since it counts every social network you connect- that means a point for every Facebook friend, Instagram follower, Pinterest follower, etc.! They add up really fast and you don’t need to be a social media “influencer” to have enough points to get noticed! Plus, by using the link in this paragraph, you automatically get a few bonus points as a referral!

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can add your interests. These interests can range from makeup, to pets to financial services, and will determine what kind of free products you’re eligible for.

2. Start Taking Snaps

Next, start taking “snaps.” Snaps are easy to complete within a few short minutes, and are the perfect time-killer when you’re stuck in line, in the car (provided you’re not driving of course) or feeling listless. After selecting a category, you are asked to select any brands that you regularly use and write a short review on one or more of their products. Being active in your snaps increases the likelihood of receiving a Voxbox; I always get the “you’re on the short list” e-mails shortly after I’ve completed lots of snaps!

3. Keep an eye on your e-mail inbox!

If Influenster is considering you for a campaign, they will send you an e-mail that asks if you are interested in receiving the box. If you select yes (which I suspect you will, because free makeup!) they ask you a few questions to see if you’re a good fit for the box. You then input your address so that they know where to send your Voxbox should you be selected!

4. Review your free makeup and lifestyle goodies!

And that’s it! If you are chosen for the box, you are sent another e-mail with a confirmation and some more details about the campaign. The box always shows up at my doorstep about a week after I receive this email, and I can start earning badges! You can earn brand badges by successfully completing the tasks tied to that brand’s product (usually leaving a review and sharing on social.) This, in turn, raises the liklihood that you’ll get chosen for another box!

Influenster is a great program for starting influencers and beauty lovers in general, it’s free, and it’s so easy to use!

Are you going to try the Influenster app? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I love using Influenster! It’s such a great way to get free product when you’re starting out!

  2. Anything that I can get for free, I will try. I haven’t heard of the app. I will have to check that out!

    • That’s exactly my attitude, haha! Especially when the stuff is all full-size!

  3. It looks so simple! I just created my profile on Influenster. Hopefully it’ll work as easy for me as for you (you’re a lot more beautiful than I am!). Fingers crossed! Thanks for the tips!

    • Aw you are so sweet! I’m sure you’re absolutely gorgeous!


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