Morning Lavender Cafe: OC’s Newest Instagram Hotspot

I’m back! I know it’s been a hot sec, but I’ve been ridiculously busy these last few months. If you don’t already follow me on Youtube (in which case, please go subscribe!) you won’t know that I’ve been taking an online Youtube bootcamp class with Erika Viera from Beauty and the Vlog. It’s been hugely helpful in showing me what kind of content I want to/should be producing for you guys as well as teaching me lots of great tips for getting it out there, but it has been a TON of work. That being said, I’m back with a vengeance (and a camera) to talk to you about a place that has very quickly become near and dear to my heart: Morning Lavender Cafe.

In the heart of Old Town Tustin, this hip boutique/cafe has stolen my heart; I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve probably been there at least ten times since it fired up its espresso machine in March! Not only are the clothes ridiculously adorable and feminine, but the cafe sells floral-themed beverages like the lavender latte and my personal favorite, the rose black milk tea, in addition to doing a full tea service on weekends! Even better, there are not one, but TWO dedicated Instagram walls for your selfie-snapping pleasure. And that doesn’t even take into account the gorgeous velvet seating, marble tables, and outdoor patio, which are also social media-worthy in their own right.

Morning Lavender Cafe is one of those places that just seems to feed your soul in the purest sense: I leave with my heart (and often my wallet) feeling a little bit lighter, and my creative energy renewed. If you haven’t stopped by yet, do yourself a favor and stop by SOON! And let me know if you need any other Old Town food recommendations while you’re in town; I live within walking distance and would love to introduce you to some of my underrated favorites.


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