New Year’s Resolutions: Mid-Year Update

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So it’s (about) that time of year when everybody starts saying “can you believe 20__ is over halfway over?” and while in some ways the year has flown by, looking back at the last 7 1/2 months reminds me how much has changed since January. I’ve had some big life updates, from finishing up school (hallelujah), to getting my first big girl job, to planning my wedding. This week, I decided to take a look at 10 of my New Year’s resolutions to check in and see how I’m doing.]

Resolution 1: Graduate college

DONE! I got my BA in English (cue Avenue Q) with a minor in theatre in May, after several really sucky years of working full time to support myself while going to school. I wouldn’t go back if someone offered me $10,000.

Resolution 2: Get a full-time job that I love

CHECK! I accepted my dream job as a social/ digital media editor full time about a month ago. I love my company, I am compensated well, and I have a lot of creative freedom in my position. Honestly, I spent so much of my school career worried about the job market I would be walking into after graduation that I was scared to make this resolution, but I’m so happy I did!

Resolution 3: Drink more water

I was REALLY good at this resolution when I was in school. I purchased this water bottle and consistently drank 66+ ounces of water every day for a few months. After graduating and my schedule becoming more irregular (and earlier) while I searched for a job, I forgot to fill my water bottle up more than I would have liked. Recently, though, I’ve been better about bringing it back to work!

Resolution 4: End this year with no debt

Matt and I are on track to have our wedding paid off a month or two after it actually happens, which is great! This is what I had in mind when I made this resolution, but technically I’m marrying into his student loans soooo… Another resolution for next year!

Resolution 5: Create intentionally peaceful mornings

If I’m being completely honest, I had forgotten that I made this resolution and I haven’t achieved this at all. I want to be the kind of person who wakes up early and takes time to journal and make a health breakfast. Unfortunately, as of now, I’m still the person who snoozes the alarm three times and grabs a granola bar on the way out the door. Anyone else?  Sigh… Guess I’ll have to keep trying on this one.

Resolution 6: Start my own blog or Youtube channel

I actually did both of these things! I’m guessing you know about the blog since you’re here on my website and you can find my Youtube channel here. While I’m really proud of myself for taking the scary leap of faith, I still have a long way to go in consistently putting out content that I’m really proud of. It’s frustrating when you don’t see the kind of immediate growth that you want to, but one of the MC’s at Beautycon said something that really stuck with me: You have to believe in yourself more that ANYONE else. This means that you have to believe in your own success more than the negative people, the apathetic people, and even the people who support and love you unconditionally. Yikes. I think that’s going to be my mid-year resolution to work on over the next four months.

Resolution 7: Take an active role in fighting for my beliefs

This is another one that I’m ashamed to have not done as well in. The constant negativity of our political climate right now has really worn me down; I know that’s not an excuse and that by being complacent, I am a part of the problem, so I’m going to try really hard to work on this in the coming months.

Resolution 8: Marry the love of my life

Okay, so this isn’t a resolution as much as a prayer to get my wedding all planned on time, but it’s going pretty well! We still have some of the smaller details to knock out but overall I feel like we’re on track and I couldn’t be more excited. Two months!!!

Resolution 9: Send Cards for big events (congrats, Merry Christmas, etc.)

I’ve been REALLY good at the thank you card thing, but not as productive in the congratulations/happy graduation/get well fields. I definitely want to do a Christmas card, which I think would be a step in the right direction. Now if I could only get myself to write down all these addresses as we get them…

Resolution 10: Let go of the need to be in control

This is a HUGE resolution, and probably one that I will be working on for most of my life. It was really difficult to do during my job search, when all I wanted in the world was to be in control of everything, but I’m slowly learning to let go, little by little. I need to focus on shutting down the worrying and fixation on “what ifs” as I move into this next chapter of my life.

Overall, I think I’ve stuck to this year’s resolutions more than I ever have in the past. I’m going to make three mid-year resolutions to push me to keep evaluating myself and moving towards my goals.

  • Create a peaceful (no-phone) morning at least twice a week
  • Get in shape before my wedding
  • Be content with what I have

What about you? How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!



  1. Rosalie on

    Congrats on killing your resolutions this year! I love your goal about intentionally peaceful mornings – it’s certainly something I could adopt too 🙂

  2. Belle on

    That is really amazing that you’re doing pretty great with your resolutions! Keep up the good work and I hope the wedding planning is as smooth as possible!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    • hank you so much! It’s going really well so far! (Knock on wood!)

  3. Well….I am definitely drinking more water 🙂

    • I swear water is the solution to everything hahaha!


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