Vanity Tour 2017

My vanity is my self-care station. It’s where I start my day by taking care of my face and body and check in with myself emotionally. And until recently, it needed a MAJOR facelift. With a few purchases from Target and Ikea, it went from a raggedy mess to my favorite place in my home!

My desk itself if from Ikea. I used (surprise surprise) the Alex drawers and Linmon tabletop. I couldn’t help it! It’s just so clean and gorgeous. First off, the organizational space is absolutely incredible. This is how my drawers are organized at the moment.

I’ve found that even just one set of drawers has plenty of space for all my makeup (which believe me, is no small claim) as long as I organize it efficiently. Once I had everything organized and ready to go, I began to personalize with some fun decor from Target.

I paired this gorgeous gold-rimmed circular mirror with these cork hexagons which I turned into mood boards using clippings from old magazines! This gives the space some color and texture makes it feel oh-so me since I chose and cut out all of the images myself.

To up my makeup brush storage game, I bought a textured pink jar from Target, and turned an old candle into this glittery dream using some Modpodge. I even found a cute little stand for my Beautyblenders at my local Daiso!

To add a little self-care flair to the space, I added this cute decorative candle from Target and some gorgeous peonies from Trader Joe’s!

I really love the way it turned out. It feels feminine but still clean and classic, and it makes a great filming space too! It’s so so nice to sit down in a space where I feel so at home and more like myself to start my day. Do you have any special mental/emotional health spaces? How do you make your spaces feel like you? Let me know what you think!


  1. I love this set up! Those draws are amazing! I started watching your youtube channel a month or so ago and realised we are quite similar! Especially after watching your getting to know you video! I love you style (sorry about all the exclamation points, it’s how I express myself)!

    • Dude I GET YOU. I use exclamation points for almost every sentence I write haha! We are alike! Thanks for watching my videos!!!

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