What Season Are You? And How Should It Affect Your Makeup?

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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall… Not just a song we all learned in kindergarten! People often refer to their “season” when explaining their color choices for makeup and clothing. Ever heard somebody say “you’re such an autumn!” but not really known what they meant? Well, if so, you’re in the right place. Knowing what season’s colors look best on you can help you choose cosmetics that help accentuate your best features and still look natural on you! This “season” corresponds to your skin tone, hair, and eye colors! Below is a basic guide to see what season you are, and how to know what makeup to buy to complement your features!

Is your skin cool or warm toned?

This question can also be deceptively hard to answer, but luckily there’s an easy test that you can perform to tell! Simply go out into natural sunlight and look at the veins on the inside of your wrists! If the veins appear to be green, you are warm toned! If they look purple or blue, then you are cool toned!
Have a hard time telling? You might be neutral toned, like me! In this case, you would determine your season based on your hair color, eye color, and complexion.
If you’re not sure, there’s one more test you can conduct! Do gold tones or silver tones tend to complement you best? If gold tones make your skin look even and bring out your features, you are warm-toned! If silver tones have this effect, you are cool toned!
If you are neutral toned and have a very light skin tone, continue as if you are cool toned. If you are neutral toned and you have a darker skin tone, continue as if you are warm toned.

Is your hair/eye color dark or light?

Light hair colors (blonde, redheads, light browns) and light eye colors (blue and green) correspond to Spring and Summer.
Dark hair colors (dark brown.black, silver) correspond to winter and fall!


So what are you?

If you are cool toned (see above) and have light hair and eyes, you are a Summer!


Summers look best in bright, cool toned colors! Rock that sky blue, soft butter yellow, lavender, turquoise, and cool toned reds!

Your perfect lipstick:

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Power Pink

If you are warm toned and have light hair and eyes, you are a Spring!

Springs get away with the most crazy colors out of all the seasons! lime green, bright banana yellow, warm-tones reds, orange, and salmon are all fair game!

Your Perfect Lipstick:

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Coral Addict

If you are warm toned and have dark hair and eyes, you are an Autumn!

Autumns can look to nature for inspiration for their color choices! Oranges, browns, warm-toned reds, olive greens, navy blue, and even darker purples look AMAZING on autumns!

Your perfect lipstick:Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Velvet Merlot

If you have cool-toned skin and have dark hair and eyes, you are a Winter!

Sticking to cool tones and darker tones is a great guideline for Winters. Blues, purples, forest green, and dark, cool-toned reds are perfect!

Your perfect lipstick:

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Blushing Beauty

Knowing your season can help you pick colors that you look and feel good in! But keep in mind, you can rock any color you want to! These are great guidelines, but rules are made to be broken, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in!


  1. Liz on

    What a great post. I always wondered what coloring I was and now I know I’m summer too. It’s always good to know what colors look nice on you!

    • I didn’t know either! Wanting to figure it out for myself is actually what inspired me to write this post haha!

  2. I’m pretty sure I’m a winter, but I’ve never felt comfortable in reds, even though I would love to wear it.

    • Dude just rock it! I find the best thing about wearing lipsticks that are out of my comfort zone is it making the decision to just rock it and then being confident in the choice!


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