Why Blush and White Create Weak Branding

“I want my logo and banner to be blush pink and white…”

It feels like every other client I work with starts the design process with this. even I fell into this design trap when I first started my channel! On the surface, white and pink seem to be the perfect colors for a female influencer. However, when I push a little harder and ask my clients questions about why they think this popular color combination is right for their brand, one of two things usually happens:

Client 1) Doesn’t have a good answer as to why they want to use blush and white branding, and their mood board is filled with other colors that actually fit their brand much better (color psychology at its finest!)


Client 2) Points me to the website or channel of another influencer that they admire who uses, you guessed it, blush and white for their brand colors!

Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with pink and white- they’re pretty, feminine, airy colors, and I totally see why people are drawn to them! Unfortunately, the influencer space is oversaturated with these colors which means that, in the case of client 1, makes people think that their brand is “supposed” to look a certain way, even if it doesn’t fit their personality and niche.

Even if blush and white fit your personality and niche to a T, as client 1 showed us, there are a million influencers out there whose logos look almost exactly the same. Long story short- you won’t stand out.

So what’s the fix for people who love this color combination? Find a way to make it unique! When I’m working with clients who are dead set on having blush and white in their branding, I find a way to mix it up and make it striking! Using a contrasting accent color prominently in designs, or incorporating an unexpected texture such as wood or steel is a great way to make pink and white feel fresh and new.

If you’re feeling a little confused as to how to do this yourself, check out my branding and logo service! I’d love to help you create a brand that is as attention-getting and unique as you.


  1. I love the idea of incorporating a rough texture with the blush and pink 🙂

    • Yes, there are definitely ways to make blush and white branding look unique if you’re creative!


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